An excellent lecture by David Miklowitz, Professor in Psychiatri, about how you can take control over your bipolar disorder. "Managing bipolar disorder is more than just taking medicines," says Miklowitz.

Prof. Miklowitz is in the lecture going through "The 8 self-care principles," which are taken from his book "The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide" ( 2nd edition ).

It is a great book - I have it myself - and I highly recommend everyone having bipolar disorder to get it and study it in depth. The book is also great for loved ones who has a relative with bipolar disorder. Also, it is a good resource for people working with people having bipolar disorder.

Prof. Miklowitz is a good speaker and his lecture is not only very educating, but also fun and playful. The video I have posted here is the first out of three videos. If you go to youtube you will find the other two parts there. The third and last part/video is a "question and answer" part were prof. Miklowitz answers questions from the audience.

I recommend you to watch the third part/video because there are some very good questions from the audience. For example "what is the difference between bipolar 1 and 2?", "what is rapid cykling?", questions about medication, etc.  

Enjoy and take care! // Janne