You have bipolar disorder, but you are a person.

Living with bipolar disorder is a battle against the tempation to fly too high and close to the Sun, and then tumble down in the dark and lifeless abyss...

Hi and welcome!

My name is Janne Tikkanen and I am the one who started this site in september 2014 with the purpose of contributing to the work of many others to erase the stigma of mental illness. I have myself a bipolar type I disorder since about 12 years ago.

I also want to send the message to other people having a bipolar disorder that it is possible to live a good, productive and meaningful life, despite having a serious and a life long illness.

When I started this site in september 2014 I had an introduction in english, but I have changed it to swedish for various reasons. But I am going to keep this english section because many of the best lectures and documentaries about bipolar disorder, and everything related to it, are in english.

Most of my own material and texts are in swedish and in the swedish section, and there I share my own experiences of living with a bipolar disorder and some advice and strategies I have found to help in keeping me stable and live a good life.

But I hope that some of the material in this english section also can be of some help to the international visitors of this site.

I recommend visitors to explore the content and material; there is no special order or progression to follow.

Personally, I would like to recommend the lecture by David J. Miklowitz, Phd, which you can find under the headline "Control your bipolar." In the lecture Miklowitz covers 8 strategies to help you control your bipolar disorder.

Always remember, you have a bipolar disorder, but you are a person. And that you can live a good, productive and meaningful life, despite a bipolar disorder. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.



Take care of yourself!

Janne Tikkanen